We are creating the most exclusive Artificial InteIligence initiative focused on the financial industry in Europe.
A unique opportunity to gather the European AI ecosystem with the European Financial ecosystem: hundreds of corporates, startups, Fintechs, research labs and communities.
With this B2B edition we aim to spotlight the Top 100 use cases of Artificial Intelligence in the financial industry.


We aspire to boost new initiatives in companies and to see the emergence of new collaborations around artificial intelligence projects. This initiative is an opportunity to allow various actors of both ecosystems, finance and artificial intelligence, to meet up and share their experiences to drive AI innovation forward.


The Annual conference 2021 will be limited to 1 000 participants and will be held in the Palais Brongniart : Grand Auditorium BFM Stage and 2nd floor for the rest of the rooms and stage, media press room, lunch, networking zone and demon zone with corners and stands.

The agenda for the AI for Finance day is coming very soon ! A lot of surprises and news to come !
Here some topics that will be discussed : 

why attend the ai for finance conference ?

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