For the first time in France , the French FinTech HUBs gathered during a HUB DAY to share their experiences in supporting innovative finance talent and exchange good practices, collaboration methods and approaches between local stakeholders.
Each structure has its specificities, its support process (batch over time or on identified business need), its agenda (dates of calls for projects, duration of the program) , its expertise (trade, insurtech, ESS.), its accompagemennt stage (early or mature), its sponsors or its favourite themes.

We have decoded for you this incredible ecosystem, as rich as it is varied!

Pauline Raud, HUB 612 - Read the full article

“We are Switzerland’s FinTech ecosystem.“ Marion Nibourel, La Place

“Given the context, the time is for cooperation between structures and not competition.” Guillaume Olivier Doré, Finance Mag

"Some support structures are exclusive: they agree to support a startup only if they are the only one to do so. This philosophy, if understood in Paris, should be rethought for non-Parisian startups who want to be supported in their territory AND in Paris.” Pauline Raud, HUB612

“The platforms between the structures are multiplying. This HUB and opening logic is all good for startups who access the best of each support structure.” Mathieu Le Gac, French AssurTech

“We created a BA Academy at EuraTechnologies. The idea is to educate the BA but also young entrepreneurs. We present them with the advantages of BSA. There is a real pedagogical work to be carried out upstream to help startups to raise well.“ Julien Trucy, EuraTechnologies

“Our role is to foster acculturation between startups and large groups, to support startups in carrying out projects within large groups to help them open their chakras.” Marion Nibourel, La Place

The Plug and Play Fintech acceleration program aims to create drivers between startups and our financial partners in Europe. We contribute to the digital transformation of banks and bring greater agility to the teams. In Paris, our program dedicated to BNP Paribas is at Station F. Fiona De Nicola, Plug and Play

"EuraTechnologies took place in 2009 on an industrial wasteland where 4000 jobs had been cut. The bet was to show that digital could create as many jobs. The Pole of Excellence generated more than 5,000 direct jobs - a successful bet!” Julien Trucy, EuraTechnologies