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Finance mag highlights the innovative initiatives and thoughts of personalities in the sector. We help decision-makers to transform their commercial discourse into an educational one. Finance mag is the choice of giving the floor to personalities of the sector who can share their points of view and their visions. Transforming tomorrow's finance with today's innovations requires acculturation and continuous training on new technologies.

OFFER 1 : 1 hour of consulting offered to help startups review their editorial strategy*

Need help organizing your editorial strategy? Finance Mag is more than a media, it is a know-how and an expert team. This team is at your disposal to help you in your editorial strategy. Thus we accompany you on your website, the creation of content, your social networks or the editorialization of place ... Everything is possible, even the organization of events for your company. The easiest way is to contact us to discuss your needs ;)

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*Diagnostic offer limited to the first 10 start-ups from La Place Fintech

OFFER 2 : Want to share your knowledge ?

Finance mag offers you the opportunity to speak on its media. Because we are convinced that you are in the best position to talk about your profession, we give you the freedom to publish an article, or even a series of articles on our webmedia.

To do this nothing more simple, write écrivez-nous !


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